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SVR Stanier Mogul 42968

romley midland

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i visited the SVR today and was suprised to see the stanier moguls tender in Bridgnorth yard, then down at Bewdley was the loco, attatched to a stanier tender. I was just wondering if anyone knew why this is, is it running like that, and which loco the stanier tender belongs to? (i would guess its from 45110 but isn't that on display at Barrow Hill?)


Cheers, Richard

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29's own tender has a 6" flat on one of the tender axles and if the wheels were turned they would be below scapping size.


Therefore 5110's tender has been brought back to run again behind the engine, it looks rather good i think. Unless the wheels are retyred before the engine comes out of ticket in 3 years (?) then it will run with 51's tender until withdrawn.


Kind regards

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