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Image restoration from pre-May 2021 continues and may take an indefinite period of time.



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Hi all,


Can someone identify the 101 centre car that 107439 had in the mid 80s - and also a date when it was swapped out in favour of 107 TS 59785?


I've got info that she was formed of 52000+59785+52028 in Feb 1986, and 52000+59785+52036 in Jan 88 - but THIS PIC shows her with a 101 TS in the middle.


Any clues?





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no help with the number i'm afraid, but might this not just be a temporary formation whilst 59785 was out-of-action for some reason? i.e. on an ad-hoc basis


i don't know where the unit was allocated at the time of the photo, if you know this, then possibly the 101 would be from the same depot?


i know that before proper sets came in and during the final years, sets could be very mix'n'match, but at this point any long-term vehicle changes would be of a more 'official' nature?


sorry, i can't be of more help!

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