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Trains in the landscape - an alternative viewpoint

Mike at C&M

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The following link shows an Austrian 'Nostalgie' train on the northern ramp of the Semmering Pass - a World Heritage site with fantastic architecture within spectacular alpine scenery.


The amazing views in this video are taken from a two-man Gyrocopter which is following the train. For those of you who are generally interested in video and how this is put together, the "About Us" link on the linked page is also well worth watching.


My thanks to Gerhard Urban of the Austrian Railway Group for providing the link



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Thanks for posting this - just came across it this evening. Excellent quality. All too brief glimpse of the station, but you can't have it all. To state the obvious, it gives a real sense of the train in the landscape. And what a landscape - you'd be saving for years for the scatter and mod-roc :)


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