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G Gauge class 08

kintbury jon

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Evening all,


First, not sure whether this is the correct area for this - mods please advise and I will move it.


I don't take many risks in life, but one I sometimes do take is with ebay. I saw this on ebay browsing in the way that I do (far too often!) and expected it to go for a large amount - in the end I won it, the second bidder at £41.




It arrived today and I am quite impressed with it. There are a few things I need to do (repair part of the chassis). Photo's show how it has been made:


Bachmann 0-6-0 chassis - not sure of the origins of this, maybe off a Thomas model or something like it. Top part shows the part that needs repairing, should be an easy fix.



Photo's of the body show that someone has spent a lot of tine making this. The body and cab are two separate parts, the main body being made of wood with a plasticard casing. The cab has been really nicely decorated. The description refers to the design being one of the original shunters, not the 08.







My plan is to repaint it but also modify the nose end to make it look more like an 08. I'd also like to fix some buffers to it. I'm aware that the chassis the way it is makes it look like a Farish or early Hornby shunter but it will do for me.


Any thoughts or advice welcome on this please, am toying with painting it in NSE as 08600 IVOR (using my Bachmann model for help!) though I may wimp out and go for BR blue. I think i'll have a try at the wasp stripes!

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That's what I thought which was why I was really surprised by the lack of interest. There had been 3 questions asked about the item as well. I assumed everyone was going to pounce at the last minute. I tested it out on my garden layout and it does go round alright, the only issue is that the track needs levelling a bit so the long wheelbase didn't like the uneveness of the track. Not really a problem with the loco though.

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A bit of progress with the nose end this evening. I removed the grill from the nose end and replaced it with some vertical struts positioned at an angle to make it look more like an 08. The parts are scrap pieces from the old Airfix girder viaduct kit! Am quite pleased with the results.




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Cheers Steve,


I must admit I didn't strip down the maroon paint and opted to spray the primer over on the sides. Not the best way I know but I was a little worried about messing up the plasticard underneath. Have added the grey and blue this morning. There's only one place I can fit the 'IVOR' painted name - the space for it can be seen. Goodness knows how i'm going to do the name plate!



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Right i'm done for the day. Have used some large logo numbers and some NSE transfers from an 'oo' sheet - quite happy so far. Will probably continue with this on Thursday. Have not worked out how to do the 'IVOR' wording yet or the NSE flashes. I'm not looking forward to doing the black cheverons either!


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Guest 838rapid

Have missed the updates Jon.


But keep up the good work,looking good.


Might be worth contacting precision labels see if tey could do the nameplates as a transfer for you.

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I remember the original ebay listing but hadn't noticed this topic until now... The chassis isn't a Bachmann thomas, but is cutdown from from of the Bachmann 4-6-0's, either the original 'big hauler', or the improved 'annie', can't tell you which off hand. Pretty sure the 4-6-0 also domated the basis of the O8 cab as well.



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I hope this will help if you decide to use the product. I would sugest this for your wasp stripes.


Narrow lining.




Wide lining




BECC products are great. I use them for water lines on RC ships, there about as thick as a coat of paint.


Best regards,



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Right, thanks to the resurection of the thread, II got off my back side and have more or less finished the 08. Stripes have been done, i've decided to leave it unnamed and have continued the grey and red stripes all the way along the body.


I may well try and deweed the garden railway this afternoon and see if I can get it running.



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