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Coupling up DCC Class 20's ( or any 2 locos' ! )

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Hi everyone


I have 2 DRS Class 20's that i would like to use coupled together,but i believe this isn't straight forward, or is it?

Both are DCC chipped, but i want to use them as a pair as per the prototypes

I use the Gaugemaster Prodigy 2 controller


Can anyone advise how this can be achieved please ?

Thanks ;)

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The procedure is called "consisting" (at least in N.A.)

In general; move one loco to couple on to the other. Set both locos to travel the same direction (i.e. East or west, nor necessarily fwd or rev)

Set your throttle to the lead loco's number.

Start the consisting procedure and add the second loco. Choose the first loco and start running.

(This was the procedure we used with a Lenz throttle 10 years ago.)

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I have three pairs of class 20s and use the same DCC address for each individual pair. To my mind doing it this way is simpler than consisting, but does mean that one loco in each pair has to have the decoder set to reverse the direction of travel.

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If the operation uses the 20s as permanent pairs, and there is no desire to break and reform the pair on the layout, then using the same address on both locos makes sense.


The only place it doesn't make sense for a permanently coupled pair is if the locos have lights, in which case consisting will allow more control over the lights (either by mapping them to the consist control or by controlling them with the individual loco address).


Assuming your decder supports it, Advanced Consisting (using CV19) is, IMO, the best way to set it up.



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