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getting confusedof programming decoders


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I am fairly new to dcc and have only bought 3 bachman decoders (the 3 functions one).

Because of the problem in getting these at the moment i went for the Hornby sapphire r8245.

what i dont understand with this decoder is how do i know what the F functions are for this decoder?

You see the Bachman decoders told me this on the instuction sheet but this Hornby makes no mention of them.

Whatever function button i press nothing happens except for the light on/off switch on the dynamis controller.

i really want the shunting mode, but what number function button is it? Do i have to programme this myself ad if so how do i do it?

thanks for any replies.

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thanks Adrian i looked for that on Hornby site and couldnt find it!

i see that the default on the decoder is set to off which i will change but what function button will control it when i change the cv setting?


As far as I can tell, once you change CV112 the loco is in shunting mode (no function for on/off), so you would use programming on the main to switch modes. It's not the most elegant way to implement it.



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