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Dudley Road & Peters Street

Pete Harvey

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Amazing amount of detail really brings the layout to life. I like small layouts because it is possible to more or less finish them without getting fed up. I find your layout inspirational and gives me a few ideas for a new layout.

Thanks for the super photos.


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Thanks for reloading your layouts and somewhere I can find them too!.


I enjoyed a 20 minute cruise through your top class work. (again)


At that kinda speed - next time you are in Glasgow please visit me and you can knock me up a wee layout while I make a coffee.

Months of work - squished into 20 minutes - the reverse of what I achieve.


What are you going to do next - mass produce deck chairs?



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Hi Pete

Nice to see both of your great layouts have made the move too. You've got some great photos here- I am convinced that natural light is the way to go when taking model photos. I am also impressed by the people- they look real enough that I could take their blood or put an IV cannula into them! Regarding the Blake Street waiting shelter is your offer of a copy of your drawing still open? This is certainly a common type within the West Midlands area- certainly Canley, Tile Hill, Aston, Tame Bridge Parkway, Bescot Stadium, Redditch at least.

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Thanks! I knew I would get the station name wrong! I have visited and photographed it though-out in the wilds of Staffordshire... Incidentally I photted the building at Northfields quite extensively- this too would make a nice contemporary station building- being quite spacious for a suburban station. Other stations on the CrossCity line have similar buildings. Now if I can suss out GIMP (or similar drawing program) then I would be able to produce a drawing of it.

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Here is 2008's project Peters Street


Its the same size as DR it is the other way round and its a station.





Two of the design stage screen shots from the CAD system.



So I started with some PLY and Pine.



And this is what I ended up with.



As you can see I have changed it in a few places from the cad model just to make it a bit better.







No coach bolts to worry about just these quick release clips a lot easier.


To build this layout I have had to scratch build several things, the modern type buffer stops being one, I have posted several pictures of these in my work bench section.


Some buildings have had to be built as well including a platform partially inspired by JSW's New Street platforms.









I made a simple gauge to allow me to position the platform sides the correct distance away from the track to give the correct gap from the platform edge to the carriage / unit.





The platform was made from 2.5mm thick plasticard after a base frame had been positioned and glued to the platform sides.






For this layout I wanted some controlling signals I wanted 2, two aspect colour light starter signals for the two main platforms and and one colour light ground signal.

I searched for the two starter signals but I could not find any thing that was quite right so I decided to build the Tony Sissons way and scratch build them from brass which after I had worked out the sizes got the Led's and made the brass bits I started to build the signals.









After building and wiring and testing the signals, to paint them I just used normal primer paint and painted the target board and base with black paint.












Well that's enough for tonight more to follow.



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I have been scratch building the first bench of the two I need to build for Peter's Street I have built it out of plasticard this is the mk2 the mk1 was built from brass rod and phosphor bronze strip soldered together but I could not get it to look right, so I built the mk2 from plastic and it worked out a lot better.











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