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Excellent pic,I have many times got soaked at Llanfair(& Welshpool & all locations along the line)when i was a member in the 1970`s & early 80`s.I think i got sunburnt once,it rained most of the time so that pic stirs happy memories!.



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Totally! The rain can give some really cracking shots, I really like the shot you linked to Dudley.

Right at the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of the prototype, though just as wet is this one I took last year. Speed and rain seem to go well together!





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Great shot Jo!!


I was at the Mid Norfolk Tractor fest last Friday and got caught in a downpour. Managed t o get this shot of 37275, which under the circumstances i rather like! :D


post-7748-017436000 1285754613_thumb.jpg


Also got these shots of 55022 in the horrible weather early this year. The start up shot is now on my living room wall!


post-7748-027916600 1285754579_thumb.jpg


post-7748-081443800 1285754596_thumb.jpg

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Those photos of the deltic are stunning. Anyway, tere isnt anything like being out there in the bad weather - I shoot cars and not trains, i hope no one will hold it against me posting some of these!


You just have to make sure you dry your equipment out properly. The amount of times mine has stopped working is insane!


Yes - that is snow, on a bitter and windy February morning at silverstone

4956577578_197724f97d_z.jpgIMG_2264 by Andrew_S84, on Flickr


4952030283_41a4f45ab7_z.jpg7 by Andrew_S84, on Flickr


You might have to zoom in on this one to see the rain detail!

4952623194_10f78e8929_z.jpgIMG_4901 by Andrew_S84, on Flickr


4955989399_383326ca92_z.jpgIMG_0767 by Andrew_S84, on Flickr

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Just because there's a little bit of fog about doesn't mean you can't make photos.

1: GSWR 186 working the RPSI Autumn Leaves railtour from Dublin to Whitehead stopping at Lisburn to take on water before continuing her journey to Whitehead.

2: Departing for Whitehead



post-2692-034629200 1289769501_thumb.jpg

post-2692-091841900 1289769553_thumb.jpg

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