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AMJ's Inglenook


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Many years ago you might remember my Inglenook with the Warehouse buildings shunted using OO locos and a number of wagons.


Conversion 1 the other year was to lace various colliery buildings onto the site and change to using different coal/coke PO wagons.


After talking to various other people I have not got myself an American On30 0-4-0 diesel shunter and a selection of wagons. Just need to make some buildings/scenery that can be placed onto the convertible layout.


A longer term project for the same board is to add a few (removable) scenic buildings to represent a goods yard on the DHR in India. The NDM6 diesel will be onto the WB soon. When that has been done I'll then look at Iron Sherpa (Volume 2) for inspiration to build some 4w DHR wagons. Will have a bit of fun with the Hindi signs. Surely it wil then need renaming Hinglenook?

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