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Hornby "City of Hereford"


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I just discovered an unboxed Hornby "City of Hereford" train in the garage. There are 3 coaches "custard and maroon" in colour and the loco+tender.I believe this was from a limited run in the late 90s.


None have been used before so are in good condition, regarding colour etc. And as far as I'm aware they haven't been used before.


Sadly the tender is not working - the middle axle is free wheeling; there's a gear inside the flange which I guess should connect to the motor. Nothing serious, though I'm guessing.


If I was into steam it would look great on my layout. But I'm a "blue era" diesel chap.


So, I'd be interested in selling this set but don't really know the value as it is unboxed and the tender needs some TLC ('scuse the pun).


Anyone like to take a guess?



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I wouldn't worry about the tender - IIRC most if not all older Hornby 6 wheel power units (tender drives and power bogies) had free-running centre wheels - some are quite loose, and are simply placed on a stub axle protruding from either side of the main chassis block. Most likely, there's a gear on the back of the centre wheel due to Hornby's "one size fits all" policy of the time.

If the tender doesn't run, my own experiences tell me it's probably due to either binding/misaligned gears (easily freed off or replaced) or a loose connection, I always found the motors to be pretty reliable.

I may have a spare tender drive unit (I don't use them now) - PM me if you think it might help.


Sorry but can't help re. the value of the loco!

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Thanks, Colin,

Good info. I'll see if I can free up the gears as you suggest.

Many thanks, also for the offer of the tender drive. Very kind. Hopefully some attention to the gears will do the trick though.

Best regards, Andy

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Listed in Ramsay's Guide as R2015, 46255 City of Hereford. BR early crest Green Livery.Year date 1997. Prices are an estimate as condition reflects the price fluctuation. Bear in mind that Ramsay's is a guide, and prices are only a guide too. It's not easy to give an exact figure but prices for tender driven locos aren't as high as the later loco-driven models not least because of the detail changes and improvements since, plus the fact that some just don't like the tender drive system for their reasons. You have said it's unboxed plus the storage and overal condition has bearing, but if Ebay is anything to go by, and it often isn't necessarily so...then around 30-35 might be a fair pitch. The coaches are very common, and unboxed fetch around £8-10 mark. However, it must be said that these are only averages as timing your auction ...if that's the way you intend to go...is important as you need to aim for your best audience, also, if there's other interest then a bidding war can often bump a price up. Selling as a set keeps your auction fees down, quote sensibly for postage and allow for seling commission. There is also an area on this forum that has rules to be observed and you can sell the lot on here if you want to. That can be simpler, and there's no commission.


Good luck...jules

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