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1980s railway calendars ,needle in a haystack

Michael Delamar

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as a kid, I had a few old calendars from the mid 80s that I liked to try and draw and copy the pictures from them, and some of the pics where cut out and stuck on the layout room.


theye long been chucked, but I was idly wondering if anyone may remember them or have them somewhere.


one was a very large a3 I think, with oil paintings of various scenes, only picture I can vidly remember was a painting of an Isle of white tank.



and the other was a smaller a4 calendar, one pic I loved, was a blue class 47 with black headcode and dots leaning into the curve at Dent station from the signal box and rusty sidings in the foreground, I think it had mk3 coaches too.


cant be any more specific than that but I know you guys like a challenge, last time I seen them I was probably about 10 but I can vividly remember them



many thanks



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The second one sounds like the 'Rail Photoprints Modern Traction Calender', though I can't tell you which year as it doesn't match any of the ones I have (1983-6, '88). The nearest to that shot was January 1986, a 47 on the S&C with a mixed Mk.1/2/3 rake, but it's not on a curve and it's in snow at Ais Gill summit.

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