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Bachmann J72

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I've recently bought a Bachmann J72 and am hoping to repaint, weather and detail it. As I don't know much about steam, can anyone recommentd a source of suitable replacement buffers and vac pipes either in brass or whitemetal for this loco?





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I don't have it in front of me as I'm not at home at the moment but there was an article by Iain Rice in an early Model Railway Journal about producing a P4 J72 using the old Mainline body. I'm pretty sure that, like the 5700 Pannier, the Bachmann J72 is based on the Mainline model. I've just had a quick google and it's MRJ 10 that has the piece in question. It might be worth checking out ebay for a copy - the old issues don't tend to go for more than a pound or two.

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Buffers for the J72 would depend on which batch your modelled example belongs to. The J72 was introduced in 1898 and was built, at various times, up until 1951 :-


1898 10 built by the North Eastern Railway

1899 10 " "

1914 20 " "

1920 10 " "

1922 25 built by Armstrong Whitworth

1925 10 built by the LNER

1949 15 built by British Railways

1950 5 " "

1951 8 " "


Those built by the NER and Armstrong Whitworth would have had NER tapered buffers, originally, though individual locomotives may have had their buffers replaced by LNER group standard buffers at general overhaul after 1923. The LNER batch may have had, and BR batches did have LNER group standard buffers, from new.


As to vacuum pipes, as far as I know only those J72's intended for use as station pilots had them fitted; this to allow the movement of vacuum fitted passenger coaches. Certainly I have seen photos of members of the BR batches (Nos 69001 - 69028) with and without vacuum pipes. Earlier batch members used as station pilots at York and Newcastle also had vacuum pipes fitted and were, in the late 1950's/early 1960's finished in NER lined green livery though with BR markings.


As ever, individual dated photos are the best way of checking on the state of any particular locomotive.





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