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Need suggestions how to wire layout


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Hope there are any electrical geeks out there who can help a fellow modeller with VERY basic knowledge of electrics.


I am currently finishing a DC layout consisting of a double track mainline, with fiddle yard in each end, + an idustrial siding. Up until now I have just test run with provisional electrical supply, and have just wired droppers from each baseboard.


My ambition is to be able to use three controllers, as it enables us to shunt in the siding at the same time as trains move on the main line.

I also think I will need some kind of swiches to select the "siding-controller" to drive trains on to the main-line tracks.


The trackplan is as follows, with insulfrog points, and with isolation between main line and siding (on both tracks)

Points will be operated by manual rodding.




Could someone please use this image to explain/draw where to connect to controllers/track, and what kind of switches I will need(and where to put them)?

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I have a similar set up on my layout, but not of the double mainline as shown. As previously mentioned you will need a feed at the junction of the leftmost Y point and RH point. I have the feed connected to the centre pair of  terminals of a DPDT(centre Off) switch. One side of the switch is fed from one controller and the other side from another controller. 


However with your double mainline configuration and requiring 3 controllers to be used you will be requiring to switch the feed to each controller as required. I believe there are switches that do the job. In the very dim and distant past (40+ years), I think that we used rotary switches. I am sure someone has a more up to date knowledge.



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Firstly that track plan looks a bit odd . I would have expect the two connections to the main to be reversed i.e a normal double junction which connects to the siding. However with it as shown you can either have dedicated up and down controllers with the siding switchable between it own controller or either of the others, or all three areas could be switchable to any of the others. If you only have cheap double pole changeover switches you can achieve the first option with just two. The first connects the siding either to the local siding controller or the second switch which then switches between the up an down main controllers.


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