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New layout

Fliying Dutchman

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This is a google translated text from a dutch modeltrain forum,


A few years ago I had German N scale trains and a layout that is not completely finished and well built. Then I suddenly switched to a different scale and country: England. I'm with the English trains virus infected when I first was on vacation in England was contaminated and therefore equal. Since then I go almost (if possible) every year on vacation to England.


I am now working on a module layout of 5 meters long and about 1 meter wide (1.20 meters to be exact). I have had many ambitious plans, but they have all died in space and scale. I now feel that it's okay to come.


I find myself still in the planning stages and it can still go in any direction (except on the base frame).


The bottom frame is already completed, I have five square frames (3 tables with legs) are made and welded together and have special coating. I also have a cloth to the frame (with a little help from my friends, not the beatles:D)


This is my layout design (AnyRail):



My layout design was derived from an English course module 0 in an English magazine stood. What do you think of this design?


I'll hope you will understand this.


With Best Regards from Holland,

Martijn vd Horst

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On your plan I am not sure about the three "crossover" pairs of points all "facing" the same way on the main lines - I think goods traffic wanting to gain entry to the goods shed or factory is unlikely to reverse back out of the tunnel, although it is more normal practice to reverse back onto the other platform road to access the yard that way. I think a direct access to the goods yard from the lower running line - trains travel right to left across the plan on this line - might be worth considering instead of the three way point?





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The three way point and the slip crossing don't ring true for a British station layout. We appear to have had an aversion to these features on a main line unless space dictated there was no choice. I see nothing wrong with having 3 crossover pairs of points all facing the same way, there are lots of examples of this. Shunting in tunnels is not unknown Devizes in Wiltshire had a tunnel just beyond the station (the line is now closed). Shunting moves regularly used the tunnel.

I think that you have a water tower in at the top of the layout (in the goods yard?) this would be more likely to be next to the engine shed.

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