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Info Required - 1977 London - Glasgow Passenger Train Formations.


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I wonder if anyone could help me with the coach formations that were in operation in 1977 between Euston and Glasgow.


Any details relating to Mk3 and Mk2 (or combinations) coaches would be great.


Info required for a model rail project,




Kind Regards



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I don't have anything for 1977 but i suggest you try to find a copy of Michael Palin's great railway journeys which has footage from 1979/80.



87 5*Mk2fTSO Mk1RBRexRB 4*MK2fFO BG

86 Mk3TSO 3*Mk2fTSO Mk3RFB 2*Mk3FO 2*Mk2fFO BG

86 5*Mk2fTSO Mk1RBRexRU 4*MK2fFO BG

86 4*Mk3TSO RKB Mk3FO 3*Mk2fFO BG


+ Manchester Pullman


All catering vehicles would have been Mk1 in 1977 including exotic things like RB ex RF


Also have a look at accident reports for WCML the one for Colwich gives a good idea of the mix of stock which could occur.

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The 1977-8 LMR workings list the regular trains as Mark 3a stock with Mark I RKB and BG. The number of TSOs included varied between 4 and 6 according to the service and time of year. The full trains were 6 TS0 3a, RKB, 3 FO 3a, BG. Mark 2f stock also appeared in the sets.

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