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Some trains + snow photos


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6+ inches of snow are not typical in eastern NC, and not all that typical in central NC. But we got it, the day after Christmas. It's all melted off now but these two fellow did a great job with it.



And this copy and past post from Carolina Rails mailing list:


6a. The big snow around Rocky Mount - pictures


Posted by: "Nick" trainman222@hotmail.com cassfan3


Date: Fri Dec 31, 2010 12:17 pm ((PST))





For those who live in eastern NC and don't follow RP.net religiously, here are a few shots from around Rocky Mount, an area that doesn't see much snow. Perhaps more to come. Thanks for looking!





Dec 26 - Amtrak














Dec 27 - CSX














Dec 28 - Nash County








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That is rare.

I was in Greensboro when "The Perfect Storm" rolled across the 'State. I'm not sure if the snow levels were greater or not?


Best, Pete.



The January 2000 storm? Around here at least the snow was over 20 inches deep vs 8 for this last storm.

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Well I'm glad I missed that one Craig!


No, it was in the nineties but pre- '95 (when I moved to New York).

I remember power being cut off at home so I booked into a hotel - which then lost power as soon as i walked in the door...............


Best, Pete.

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