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Manchester Central, CLC & GN Warehouses & Castlefield Viaducts

Ron Heggs

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Further work on the station structure has been suspended since last January when I moved to Spain. Until the Railway Room is completed I am not able to build the baseboard to support the complete station


Work continues on the Station Walls internal/external faces and buttresses. Building of the Castlefield viaducts also continues with additional structural detail being added. Some of the under bridge support steelwork is being modified to match new photograghic details


A number buildings adjacent to station and the approaches are still in boxes, and must wait for future exposure and photographs


Will continue to add images to the gallery and the main topic

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Awe-inspiring! :blink: And CAD looks a very useful modelling tool indeed! This magnificent structure alone is worth a whole Model Railway Journal feature. Are you modelling a specific period?


The general period is 1953 thro' 1965


The original station roof cladding/glazing was replaced in 1952


Station approach trackwork was remodelled and re-signalled in 1958


I do have a few locos outside that time frame, such as LMS 10000, LMS Black 5, Prototype Deltic, etc.


I hope to add a Midland Pullman to the collection when Bachmann delivers late this year

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This deserves a spot on Buntbahn.de or finescalerr.com


Amazing stuff. And here I am trying to design a "large" span across two tracks that I want to look like a recycled greenhouse with a railway through it.


Please keep posting - layouts like this deserve a very wide and very appreciative audience.

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Modelling Complex Steelwork Structures in Plastic


The dimensions were obtained by reference to historical engineering drawings [The Engineer, February 13, 1880], or scaled from photographs with random survey checks


I can only add to the other comments of absolutely fantastic work!


Do you know where I might be able to get hold of the The Engineer (February and March 1880)? I've got them on "to find list" - I was hoping for an online archive, but if it exists I can't find it.


Cheers, and keep up the good work.

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Guest jim s-w

Good stuff Ron


How long is the station itself? As the roof is 6ft + long is a section to be removable to get to derailments etc?





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