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Marylebone at night, a deserted city terminus

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i was working a night shift tonight, spare turn so i had an evening in the mess room as all jobs were covered, having watched the same episode of Mock the week on dave 3 times i decided to go for a walk round the station and take a few snaps with my mobile, thought they might be of some interest, a few detail shots maybe


quite eerie to see the place practically empty, thinking that by the time i write this (on my way back to crewe on a pendolino, just left milton keynes) the place will be starting to come alive














the station has recently had the roof refurbished and the scaffold and cladding is slowly being removed, the result is a very light and airy station, noticed the workmen were changing the old NSE style passinger screens for new dot matrix type last night






another thread mentions remnants of old BR still on the newtowk, in particular NSE, heres some still knocking around













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Thought the picture of the concourse with departure screen was aptly timed at 2:22am given the adjacent former BR headquarters at 222 Marylebone Road (now the Landmark Hotel).


I have always enjoyed nightshifts for the sureal nature compared to the busy daytime - I am a civil engineer so get to explore motorways, stations, airports, ports etc when everyone else is in bed.


Thanks for posting the pics.



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Does the 1.45 am Newspaper train not run anymore ?, LNER A3 up front (60104 Solario), 10 bogies, 350 tons., first stop Rugby Central, then Leicester Central & Nottingham Victoria.


Must say Marylebone looks cared for these days. Long, long time since I was there.



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It's scary to see Marylebone so empty, it's not been like that whenever I've bee through it!


I'm still amazed that Chiltern haven't got rid of the NSE signage there yet.




Why change it? It matches the company colours!


As a well known MD/Chairman of said company pointed out to me soon after privitisation, let everyone else change their colour scheme, then we dont need to! And so it pretty much remains.

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I do like marylebone - nice ambience.My sister also used to live in the flats on the left as you leave.Looks alot better than it did in NSE days - shame you aren't likely to see any 47s there anymore though.


When you saw 47's it usually meant we were in the mire and had run out of trains!

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I grew up in High Wycombe in the 70s and I can assure you that Marylebone was just about as empty as that pretty much every time I passed through, no matter what time of day! I caught a train there for the first time since about 1985 a couple of years ago (it was when the WCML was closed at Rugby and I was on my way back to Liverpool, so I went Marylebone-Birmingham then walked over to New Street for a Liverpool train) and the transformation was unbelievable.



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Guest Belgian

Wow! There's an AMT Express there - I thought they'd been chucked out of all the London terminals by the big boys like Starbucks etc.


I've always loved their milkshakes and nutbars and used to seek them out when in London, but haven't found them for many a long year . . . I feel a visit to Marylebone coming on.



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When you consider that Marylebone was one of the targets for closure & demolition years ago, we're very fortunate to have it still in place. It's a pity that steam operation on a regular basis from there is unlikely to resume though...


I had relatives who lived near Chorleywood when I was 'nubbut a lad' ;) : when we went to visit them, & had the 'day trip to London', I much preferred the DMUs to/from Marylebone over the Tube stock to/from Baker Street - probably because I could stand behind the driver & watch the 'road ahead' :)



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a major bump for this thread, compare the night time picture taken from the mess room to this one taken a few weeks back when the engineering works on the line over ran and there was a reduced timetable so a lot of people were waiting for not many trains....



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Jim, There's never many trains when they are running fine!


Try Liverpool Street........................................on the other hand DON"T I fled to the USA just to avoid it.......


Best, Pete.


PS Just kidding I love both places - I have very fond memories of visiting Chorleywood where my second favourite woman of all time lived (actually, she still does)....

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