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JLTRT 37 cab

The General Lee

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Hi all


I've just started building a JLTRT 37 kit as 37517 circa 1997 which is an early series loco refurbished to make a 37/5.

JLTRT do two different cab bulkheads for the number 1 radiator end, one with a cooker for the crew in its recess and one without. Which would be the correct one to use for this loco?

I've looked at Brian Daniels website and it has pics of 37100 (early series) with the cooker and 37377 (late series) without.

Would the cooker be removed when the loco was refurbished into a 37/5?

I have photos of the loco I'm modelling but I can't tell from the photos which would be correct.


Thanks for any help!

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Thanks Brian. That lets me get on with the build!


I've got a few pics of 37517 and compared them to the model.

I've found a few mods I'll need to do, such as remove the steam heat exhaust on the roof and fill the steps up to it and one of the body side windows, and also remove two bodyside doors/access panels!

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I'm also building a JLTRT refurb 37 at the moment, but as a /4 (the cooker is in mine now, so it's staying!). There are details about it on my blog here:



Follow the links in the sidebar for the various different parts. A lot of it is about the bogies, which you may or may not find interesting, but there's a fair bit about the body and cabs too.



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