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2010 Challenge Rules

Andy Y

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1. Entry


Entry in the challenge is open to all active (as in must have made some posts in the forum) members of www.rmweb.co.uk.


Entrants must use a topic in the 2010 Challenge forum area (or a Blog entry linked to from the 2010 Challenge forum area) to register their entry, document the building of the layout and present images and written content at the conclusion of the Challenge.


Entries can be made by individuals or groups of members. Multiple entries are permissible.




2. Layout Size



The layout's maximum size is 2010 square inches for the maximum horizontal surface area of the layout baseboard, including fiddleyard. Entrants choosing to model in 7mm/ft or above may use a maximum area of 2010 square inches excluding fiddleyard or storage roads. Any size below the maximum is permissible. Entrants must illustrate the sizes used.


Removable storage (such as cassettes) is permitted, provided they do not increase the layout's size beyond the maximum when connected.? ? Likewise movable storage (such as traversers, turntables, and sector plates) must not increase the layout's size beyond the maximum when the tracks are aligned.


Odd shaped baseboards, and cutouts for operating wells are permitted, provided the surface area of the baseboard does not exceed the above size limit.


There are no restrictions on height, or the number of levels.


The control panel can be separate, and is not included in the layout's area.


The thickness of the backscene of the layout is not included in the layout's area, provided it is not part of the 3 dimensional scenics.

Examples are:

A painted backscene is not included in the layout's area.

Structures (low/half/full relief buildings, fences, retaining walls, etc.) are included in the layout's area.

Lighting structures, pelmets, and such additions are not restricted to the size limit, so may overhang the baseboard area.


3. Scale/Gauge

No restrictions apply to scale or gauge.




4. Operation


Must be a working layout, the trains must move.

Where possible, a Ready To Run or Kitbuilt/Scratchbuilt loco or unit should be included as the primary motive power for the layout.

There is no restriction on the method of control used.


5. Completion



The Challenge ends at 20:10 (BST) on the 20/10 in 2010, at which point judging will commence. The judging period remains to be confirmed.




6. Judging


The entries will be judged by means of a public poll or polls on the internet.? ? The entry with the most votes will be deemed the winner, a majority vote is not needed.

Entries will be scored on the following criteria:



Originality ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? 30% of marks

Operational Interest ?  ? 30% of marks

Visual Appeal ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  30% of marks

Inclusion or execution of reference to the number 5, to signify RMweb's 5th birthday in 2010. ?  10% of marks.


Incomplete entries may also be judged at the end of the Challenge providing the member is still active on the forum.


Partially underway projects that fit within the rules are permissible providing the current progress is documented in this area.



7. Awards/Prizes

There aren't any at the moment. :)

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