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I'm game for giving this a go as long as I can get permission from my parents.


It should hopefully mean I get a layout finished in a reasonable amount of time instead of the 5 or so years it took for the last one.


So far my plan is for a rectangular layout measuring 20in by 100in. It will be formed of two boards each 50in by 20in.


This means I'll be using 2000 of the 2010sq in allocated.


As for the plan itself It's basically a small Speedlink yard set in the late 80's early 90's just before the winding up of Speedlink. Geographical area is currently undecided but it's somewhere in England.


Below is the current track plan design although it may change:


The black rectangles are platforms. The longest one being a reopened station, this will therefore be of 'rationalised' appearance.

The second platform is an unloading platform which backs onto a small warehouse.


The fiddle yard will be a single track sector plate feeding two lines under a town scene. Trains enter the yard from under an over bridge/tunnel.

The sector plate also forms the second point for the run round loop.


Other then all that I'm also going to be using the layout to try out Kadee coupleings and operating the points using DCC control rarther then switches.


The only thing needed now is permission from my dad to build the layout.

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Work has begun on the layout. The basic boards have been built and I've marked out the track work.


I've been playing around with some stock checking that there's enough room in the headshunt and run rounds. In the pictures below the 150 is stood on the platform line. The 37 is in the loco headshunt and the 08 is on one of the sidings.






A view from the other end. The 08 is positioned on the basic version of the sector plate which will be off scene.





The main problem I have at present is lack of space in my room. My preferred position for this layout is currently taken by my previous layout. (Covered over in the top right of the above picture) Once I've found a new place to put it then the challenge layout can be positioned properly in the room and the track laying can begin.

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Just a little update.


The track is nearly all down and the points all have their motors. After finding how well the simple flexi track sectorplate worked I've created another version using set track stuck to plasticard. Once this has been experimented with and positioned correctly then I can lay the track's which lead to the sectorplate.


I've got some pics but they will have to wait until after the server move.

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Ok then here are some more pictures. Things have moved on slightly from this however this mainly consists of wireing. Once the layout is wired and tested I'll move on to tackleing the hardstanding before ballasting.


Some general views of the trackwork. This is now fully complete including the sectorplate and hiddern sidings.







Some views with stock as I play around with scenery Ideas.







One change to the plan is that the siding with the 37 in below will now become a small oil unloading terminal.



Please tell me what you think.

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Finally got my most recent pic's off my camera. These were taken last Sunday.


First some general views of the whole layout.






The sector plate is in which allowed the tracks leading to it to be layed. This included the two hiddern sidings at the back which will be hiddern by a wall and scenics on top. Not sure yet how high to set this as I will need to allow access for rerailing. One thing I have decided though is to hide the sectorplate with something large like the rear of a supermarket to allow good access. This would mean that the sectorplate would be the main fiddle yard area and the two sidings used only for storage of stock.


I've also been playing with the possibility of including a small oil unloading point:




The siding holds four TTA's quite nicely. It will also take two large TEA's however they kind of overwealm the siding a little.


Finally with the boards still connected by the rails and the tails from the droppers wired in but not yet conneced by a bus wire I started playing with an old Hornby DC controller. Trying various things to get a feel of how easy or hard it is to operate the layout.





And I couldn't resist filling it with stock:





One thing I found out quickly is that without using the platform road it is very hard to swap blocks of wagons for each other. This is because you need to use the runround loop almost constantly to gain access to the sidings. An operating sequence will be a must otherwise the hardest manovers wouldn't be carried out.

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It's been some time since I've updated this thread but the Layout's come on some way. Fortunatly I've been taking photo's all the way so I'll continue from where I left off last time.




Firstly an overall view of the layout after the upper layers have been added. This includes the base for the road overbridge which forms the scenic break.




A closer look at the scenic break.




Looking the other way the siding in the foreground has had it's checkrails added as this siding will be filled in tramway style.


After that I built the platforms using the Scalescenes kits and filled in the concrete area.




The platform conveneantly hids the stip of wood used to hold up the wooden wall.






I created the concrete using the same method that Model Rail used not long ago.


First I built up the edges of the area to be filled in with strips of plasticard. I filled in the flangeways using string to keep the filler out.

After that I mixed the filler and spread it over the area trying to get a smoth finish.


I then fiished the ballasting, put up the backscenes and started the bridge:




This has been made using the Wills Vari Girder with Scalescenes Parapet walls and retaining walls.




I've also put together the fuel unloading point with is a knightwing kit.




A Wider view of the bridge.




And a wide view of the other end of the layout.




Since then I've nearly finished the bridge. However I've now ran out of glue and need more card before I can continue with the rest of the buildings on the layout.


Compaired to the progress of my last layout this one seems to have progressed much faster but not as fast as some of the great layout's I been reading about.


I've got alot more photos to post but I wanted to get a full update of layout progress first. The rest are me trying out different views of the layout.

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Thanks for the comments biggrin.gif


Will: The track has been weathered by painting the rails with Precision Dark Rust and the sleepers with Sleeper Grime before ballasting with Green Scene ballast. No other weathering has been done to the track although I plan to darken areas where loco's stand.


Northpoint: Those are Kadee magnets you see. It's the first time I've really tried Kadee couplings. I've gotten on OK thus far with them but I need to get more stock fitted and adjust them to the correct hight.



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I have used tham for many years on UK, US and German stock. The main problem is the difference in the height of the NEM socket if you choose to use the 17 -20 range, particularly with Bachmann (Hornby seem to have cracked it). I have resorted to many different types of butchery on stock to get the couplers at the right height. If you want any tips, do feel free to PM me (I wouldn't want to bore everybody else with the inticacies of fitting KD couplers!)

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It's been a long time but the layout finally has a name, Beesby Road, and will be appearing at the Boston Model Railway Exhibition in a nearly complete state.


Sadly it seems the ink used in my old inkjet printer starts to react with either the paper or glue and slowly turns a shade of pink. I've had to recover all the walls with either Superquick or Metcalfe building papers.


I'm hoping to get some better pictures at the show and will then probably open a new thread in the Layout's board.

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