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Populating the Front screen

Andy Y

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Jon sent me the following PM:


Dear Andy, I think I may be more of a ludite that I thought. Are there any instructions on how to populate the front screen, or general instructions to follow in creating the information on the groups pages? I thought I saw something on the Groups thread... but now I can't find it... or did I imagine it?

Thanks for any help you can point me too... I'm away on business this week, so I'll use any evening free time to think about how to introduce the group etc.





I thought I'd share this one as there's been some confusion with updating the Welcome screen.


The easiest means of creating the Welcome is to use 'Add News' from the r/h menu - if you need to edit the Welcome do so by editing the topic this creates in the Group Forum area from the r/h menu.


Hovering towards the top right of the Welcome message on the front page of the Group will show up a red cross. This can be used to delete the Welcome - warning: this may also remove the topic it created in the forum. If it does; don't panic. Anything deleted from the Groups goes into a Recycle Bin in my admin area which means it can be retrieved if necessary.

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