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Layouts based on the period


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Not even close in quality (or completeness!!) so some on here but this is mine - South Tawton.




Inspired by the Barnstaple line in the 80s, based on -but not an exact copy of - Crediton and the junction for the Meldon and Barnstaple lines. Mostly all BR Blue but there is an Executive livery 125 and a rake of NSE Mk2 on the summer specials!


Most pictures are of construction and there are very few with anything clearly blue in it but here's a couple!








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OK, cheating a bit as I run my railway as GWR (for my Dad), today-ish (for The Small Controlelr) and both with BR Blue (for me) but I like these:






A bit rough, but my first full conversion & renumbering of a loco.




Rather pleased with the gloomy air here, although the tagging may be anachronistic & the building's not finished!




My obsession with mail/parcels trains starts to be fulfilled.




Evening on the railway.  Surely the tin sign should have gone for scrap!




Had some fun adding detail & corridor connectors to these old Hornby Mk3s.






Now I have the confidence & a pin vice the next project for detailing!

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Our layout Towcester ( my home town ), 99% finished and soon to be seen again at Railex North East.

Also a very professional photographer of this RMWeb parish is coming next week to photograph the layout for inclusion in a forthcoming magazine article.



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The EmGauge70s website has some excellent layouts from the BR blue period. 'Wibdenshaw' and 'Shenston Road' are a couple of my favourites, as well as 'Canada Road' which made its exhibition debut at the recent York show.


Shenston Road is also on RmWeb at:


Hopefully my layout will edge into this too, but is at a too early stage to show anything here. Like some others in this thread it crosses the periods from late steam to the very start of the 80's.

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It's remiss of me to have taken so long to post views of my BR Corporate Blue layout(s) in this dedicated thread.

My modelling progress is pedestrian due to work commitments, but I retire in six weeks.

The original Costleigh was 4mm around the loft, but I dug out the fiddleyard and replaced it with 7mm layout of the same name.

Development on the 7mm layout stalled while my wife recovered from illness.

I'm currently refurbishing part of the 4mm side of the loft as a 'watching the trains go by' theme.



Here's a couple of views and a video:

7mm layout


4mm layout



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I have stock to do 1959, 1963 and 1968 on my layout. I am progressing towards a set of stock for the 1980s. Its nice to be able to choose eras. This layout is Little Aller Junction which is my take on Aller Junction in N gauge. Its been around a bit and is due to be ripped apart for spares in August.


The first is close to blue era but no cigar. Others are a better fit. I have bought 3 more blue locos since these photos were taken. 




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