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O Gauge Modular Connection Standard


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The rules then ...


1) Use of standard Peco Bullhead Code 124 Rail [ref. SL-700BH] at the module end.


2) The join between modules is made with metal fishplates and a 6" or 150mm single section of Peco code 124 rail (or compatable) on some form of supporting base (ie not just 6" of track suspended in the ether).


3) The top of the rail should be 6.5" / 165mm above the 'table' height.


4) Point control and isolating sections are to be controlled locally to each module.


5) Track power is in the form of two wires with the positive (red) wire to the rail at the rear of the layout. Modules should be electrically joined using 'choc' blocks.


6) All wires used on the layout for track power should be a minimum of 16/0.2mm to cope with DCC power ratings if necessary.


7) Modules can be whatever length and width the builder likes as long as the can be joined using rules 1-3.

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