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Ooh, more please!!! What an interesting subject for a layout!!


I like the big 'safety' notice. I once went to a factory that made "Zip-up" Scaffolding Towers, and a big sign in that place said "Remember - Someone's life depends on your welding!". Food for thought....

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The Scenecraft range is worth keeping one eye on as a US modeller, most of the structures are very British looking as you'd expect, but some of the industrial bits are likely usable, and some details. My favourite at the moment is they have some nice aircon units for building roofs/walls.

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just bog standard bachman ones but very handy.


barrow was it's first real exhibition great weekend loved those long trains on rs tower


don't know if i get across the border in to scotland i'll have to wait and see

next show is kendal in january






trying to find copy of track plan will post later

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found track plan




layout has 3 option 1).5x1 2).7x1 3).12x1


period is late 80's early 90's,layout is pretty simple to operate only a few set diagrams


empty gons/flats in to component recovery,loaded out, scrap in gons,engine block on flat


dead engines to electrical dept, the rest is light engines in and out of fiddle yard and switcher bringing cars in for repair also now and them for some local historical society repairs to there first generation alco,emd or baldwins (bit modellers of license)



surprising what you can do with 12 inches

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