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When the real thing looks like a model

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We had some comment on bcnpete's Fowey pictures thread about the lighting making things look model like - very bright, unidirectional (and un-British!) sunlight seems to have this effect.


In similar conditions (bright sunshine but dark clouds approaching) here's an island in a lake near Niort in central France which I thought looks more like a model; the high viewpoint also adds to the effect:


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You can get the shift lens look,

by using filters in Photoshop.....


First create a duplicate layer,

then experiment with using the various blur filters,

to find out which works best for you

I chose the "lens blur" filter for this pic....


Experimentation is needed, to get the right amount of blur for each picture

Then, making sure I still have the duplicate layer selected,

I used the eraser tool, and erased a band of the blurred layer

- mainly centred around the front of the loco,

to reveal the sharp image in the background layer....


Thus the foreground and background of the image remain blurred

making the image appear to lack depth of field,

and look a bit model-like


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Theres a whole lot of hanging basket liner in this one!






Model like qualities probably somewhat enhanced by a train consisting of a 31 and only four coaches. Almost as feasible to represent without compression as loco hauled West Highland workings but with the advantage of being in easier to model scenery.

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One point worth a thought or two.....


When photographing our models,

we attempt to make them appear as realistic as possible


We take great care, to eliminate certain objects and/or obstructions

from obtaining the "perfect view", to get that "perfect shot"


However, in real life, other elements often get in the way;

lamp-posts, fences, greenery etc etc

Can photos of models sometimes look a bit too "perfect"?

Well, maybe?


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Of course, many elements of an image can make it appear model-like

Here, I have added a duplicate layer, and blurred it, as I describe above


But in this image, the distortion of the image of the loco

- caused by using a wide angle lens at close proximity,

the tight curves of the coaches snaking away in the background

the high viewpoint, and the modern, clean, almost "toytown" houses in the background

all make the image look a bit model-like


EDIT: Appologies for all my contributions being photos of class 37's

but I do like them ;)


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