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Class 58s in Spain


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Not too sure if this is the correct sub forum to post this in but is overseas to some people.

I had a bit of spare time on my way back from Alicante on Friday afternoon so thought I´d try and locate the 58s that have been at work on the Albacete - Alicante section of the high speed line from Madrid.
They have been on this section for a while as I saw a couple stabled on top of an overbridge one Sunday near Villena back in July last year.

The base is some 20 km north east of Alicante close to a town called Monforte del Cid.
Judging by the absence of material under the loading gantry (I have seen pictures of it full of rail), I´d say that the vast majority of the work is complete.
There was no activity on Friday 18th May at 18:00-18:30h when I was there.

Although I managed to drive all around the perimeter, there were not many places to get a good photo from. I didn´t have that much time so I wasn´t hanging about either.

The first view is of 58024. Stabled at the head of an empty rail train under the loading gantry.

This next view is taken from the ramp of an overbridge to the south of the complex.
024 once again in the middle of the complex.

This view shows the whole yard with the maintenance shed on the right.

From L to R are, 58029, 58030 & 58020. It was impossible to see the number of 020 but in the photo you can just make out L43 which is its Spanish identity.

Moving over to the north side of the tracks you drive beside the high speed tracks which practically obscure the view of the locos by the shed. I could just about see the numbers of 029 & 030.
Further on I got a slightly better view of 024.

A bit further on this side is the ballast dump where another loco could be spied but I had to go back over to the other side of the line, this time through a large storm drain, to find the number. The station is closed but you could walk on the platforms without jumping fences.
This was my first view of 015 behind the transformers for the conventional Spanish gauge line.

A closer view.

And after walking along the platform a bit further, I managed to get a full side on view between the transformer building and the site mess rooms.
015 still hasn’t had its Spanish ID number applied.

Here is a view of the station.

And 2 views looking back from the station towards the yard and maintenance shed.

I´m not sure where the rest of the locos are? Maybe a couple were in the maintenance shed or maybe out on ballast trains?

The high speed line to Alicante begins to operate this year although the actual trains are already running services on the original wide gauge tracks and have been for a couple of years. They run through gauge changing equipment in Albacete to get on to the high speed section of track to Madrid.

The line to Murcia and beyond is in construction (earth works, tunneling, etc) with completion due for 2014/5. I presume another materials base will be built closer to Murcia, where I can hopefully get a few working photos and videos.


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  • 7 months later...

I paid another visit to the infrastructure yard at Monforte on the 13th December.

Only 58029 was at the base, basking in the sun. The rest of the fleet were out earning their keep further inland.

This line is due for inauguration in June 2013 I believe.


The Spanish wide gauge line is in the foreground and the standard guage High Speed lines run the other side of the yard.







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  • 10 months later...

Many thanks for these pictures, these will prove most useful :yes:


Further to that thanks for your help via Flickr for locating them.


It does look like a location that could be modelled well you know, for something a little different.

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Here are some images of my latest visit to the materials base at Monforte (07-12-13).

I can´t believe it is nearly a year since I last visited.


There are now 8 class 58s parked up in the rail unloading line under the gantries which can be seen just behind the Talgo on the Iberian gauge line.



With the high speed line now operational, this materials base looks to be mothballed now. Although the majority of the civil engineering projects on the next section down to Murcia have been completed, I don´t know whether the materials will be served from this base or a new site.


Here is a closer view of the gantries looking west into the sun.



Another viewpoint, this time from the north side of the line adjacent to the station.

A tall concrete panelled wall has been erected just to the left of this picture so you can´t actually get photos of the locos close up on this side of the line. The leading loco here is 58020.



I moved over to the south side of the line and tried to be clever and take a panoramic shot but I´ve unfortunately cut the last loco out.

From left to right they are; 58020, 047, 024, 029, 031, 015, 030 and 043 (just out of shot).

58020 is at the Albacete end and 043 Alicante end.



Here is 58031 with her English style nameplates “Caballero Ferroviario” which doesn´t make it a her really!!



And a close up through the undergrowth as she (he) is parked behind one of the gantries.



And a shot from the station once more.



And finally something that wouldn´t be running without the help of the class 58s.



It was stabled to the west of the station.

In the background can be seen the ramp that takes the high speed line on a viaduct over the Iberian gauge line and on towards Murcia.


Hasta luego.










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I´ve had my first complete day out watching and photographing real trains in maybe 25 years today.

More class 58s here in Spain but this time in the company of a couple of chaps who were over from the UK. Thanks for the day out Michael and Howard.

I actually didn´t take many photos as I think I was talking most of the time but here are a selection.


The same 8 locos are still parked up at the Monforte del Cid maintenance base in Alicante as per the previous instalment. No movement at all. It was a lovely day for it as you can see. About 12ºC.



We then took a trip inland up to Albacete where the remaining 4 locos can be seen at the materials base that was used in the construction of the Madrid – Albacete section.

The 4 locos can be seen from the A31 motorway but if you make a detour along a gravel track and then down a farm track you come to the side of the Iberian gauge lines.

First view is this.

58041 on the southern end of the line.



As can be seen, the graffiti ar”tits” have had a field day here.

A side on view of 041.






Although the number has been painted over, Michael assures me it is 027.



And the last loco to be built at Doncaster, 58050 in sorry old state



And a wider view of the 4 locos together.



One thing I did notice is that the locos at Monforte have had their “Continental Rail” logos painted out but the 4 at Albacete still have them visible on the side of the cabs.

Some work still occurs at this depot as there was also a Spanish standard gauge loco painted in the newer ADIF green livery on a short train of ballast wagons.

319.244 on the virtual quarry siding.



And lastly a photo that shows dedication to a hobby.

On a stepladder in the middle of La Mancha!

Although I should point out that the ladder was mine. Michael didn´t bring it on the plane!!

Thanks for the day out lads. I enjoyed it.





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Many thanks on our behalf for the day as well/ A laugh indeed and certainly a few unusual tactics were used to photograph these class 58's at Albacete! The ones at Monforte were a lot easier! That said the roads around the bases now they were unusual.


Look forward to the next time around, and must throw in the TGV for good measure (...and find a 334 and 269?...) :yes:

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I had to pick my sister up from Alicante Airport on Saturday evening and as I had some time to kill, I dropped into the maintenance base at Monforte del Cid to see if there had been any change since I was last there some 12 months ago.

The class 58s have been moved back 200m towards the maintenance shed and there is now new rail under the loading gantry for use on the latest section of line towards Murcia so it looks like the locos could see some action pretty soon.


58020 at the head of the line up.



A panoramic view of all 8 locos.



A closer view of 58031 “Caballero Feroviario”.



A view from the east end of the base.


A few sections of the line have already had the catenary posts installed and the alleged start of services to and from Murcia is the end of 2015.

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  • 10 months later...

A couple of weeks ago I was driving towards Alicante from Murcia and spied one of the class 58s finally at work on the high speed link to Murcia.

On Friday 30th I once again had to go to Alicante but I had more time to spare on the return journey.

A siding has been installed from the high speed line to a  virtual quarry that has been installed near to the town of Crevillente.

It´s quite a steep gradient to get out of and judging by the speed and flange squeeling of the consist, not the best laid siding in the world.



The lead loco is 58030 and the other being 58043.



Both locos were working but not in multiple.



Once clear of the siding they accelerated away onto the viaduct that straddles the AP7 motorway to drop the ballast.





And finally a close up of the sticker applied to the cabside.



UTE translates to Temporary union of companies (Union temporal de empresas) although I´m not too sure of the EWS participation here?


Ballast has been laid up to the town of San Isidro, about 5km away in the Murcia direction.


More soon with some better weather hopefully!


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  • 4 months later...

EWS put the class 58s out to grass (up for disposal) several years ago, the vast majority of them found work on foreign shores on main land europe working various inferstructure projects. Alot of these projects are now nearing or have finished which means most of these locos are now once again sitting awaiting a furure, only now they are sitting in foreign yards. 24 of them are in northern France, 12 are in spain, 5 are here in britain and 9 have been scrapped and cut up.


 I find it a little ironic that the 58s finally found work abroad at the end of there working lives (possibly) when the original concept of them was as a possible export product for BREL. They may however get a new lease of life as they may yet be returned and overhauled by another operator if a need is identified due to the import regulations on new diesel engines.

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This is the last time I went out to see the class 58s.

20th Feb, 2016.

58020 and 58031 can be seen top and tailing a rake of ballast wagons at another virtual quarry located at Los Ramos, within the Region of Murcia.

The junction for the line towards Cartagena is just behind the the tamper on the right.

58020 is closest the camera and is at the Alicante end of the convoy.

24817648763_1a056fa631_b.jpgLos Ramos class 58s by McGomez441, on Flickr


I managed to persuade my son to take a video on his way back from Cartagena about a week later.

Don´t blink. You might miss it.



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  • 2 years later...

As there has not been much action on the Railways of Spain group for a while now, here are some class 58 images taken on August 26th 2018 at the materials base near Monforte del Cid, Alicante.

58024 + 58015 stabled at the western end of the yard.
44844523182_9296ec6851_z.jpg58024 + 58015 Monforte del Cid maintenance base. Alicante,  Spain. 26 August 2018. by Portland Grove, on Flickr

43982396735_fac0c118b7_z.jpg58024 + 58015 Monforte del Cid maintenance base. Alicante,  Spain. 26 August 2018 by Portland Grove, on Flickr

29957944337_dbc5a53413_z.jpg58024 + 58015 Monforte del Cid maintenance base. Alicante,  Spain. 26 August 2018. by Portland Grove, on Flickr

At the eastern end of the depot, 58031 and 58020 were parked up infront of the shed.
43083133800_34251fab19_z.jpg58031 + 580?? Sit outside the shed at the eastern end of Monforte del Cid maintenance base. Alicante,  Spain. 26 August 2018 by Portland Grove, on Flickr

29958022057_60fbbab0bd_z.jpg58031 "Caballero Ferroviario"  Monforte del Cid maintenance base. Alicante,  Spain. 26 August 2018 by Portland Grove, on Flickr

With a high speed train just getting up to speed after leaving Alicante some 15 minutes previously.
44174856814_03eeb89a23_z.jpg58031 + 58020 + the high speed service to Santander/Gijón pass the Monforte del Cid maintenance base. Alicante,  Spain. 26 August 2018 by Portland Grove, on Flickr

The tail end of the train is seen passing 58047 and 58029 stabled in the centre of the yard.
44895083681_66f18c3a4b_z.jpg58047 + 58029 + the high speed service to Santander/Gijón pass the Monforte del Cid maintenance base. Alicante,  Spain. 26 August 2018 by Portland Grove, on Flickr

44844813682_fb848a557b_z.jpg58047 + 58029 at rest in the middle of Monforte del Cid maintenance base. Alicante,  Spain. 26 August 2018 by Portland Grove, on Flickr

And what looks like an ex freightliner container in the old red/yellow diagonal livery that I have only just spotted tonight whilst looking at the photos once again.
29959544647_38ac9e7ddb_z.jpg58031 + 58020. Plus grounded Ex Freightliner container.  Monforte del Cid materials base. Alicante. 26 Agosto 2018. by Portland Grove, on Flickr

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Might have a trundle up there later this week.

Is access for pics ok?



Hi Mike.

The northern side where the high speed line is situated is fully fenced off but has a tarmac road running alongside. Unfortunately the high speed lines are slightly higher than the yard but you can still see the locos, moreorless.

The Iberian gauge lines on the south facing side are unfenced and you can easily scramble up the bank to get a better view and walk the entire length of the yard on scrub land with good views of the whole yard.

I´ve never tried to get inside the compound as it is completely fenced off and there is security at the eastern end entrance.

I´ve only ever gone at weekends so couldn´t tell you if there is much movement during the working week.


With regards the other 58s in Spain, the Albacete 4 are still parked up in the same position as I went past the base twice mid-August. That leaves 2 unaccounted for.




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Had a trip over to Alicante this afternoon and dropped past the materials base.

58024, 015, 043, 030 were at the western end whilst 58029 and 047 were at the eastern end.


Imagine trying to jot down this number as you were going past Toton on a railtour.... and the other 100+ locos that were usually present.........

40585191823_2a995f7cf4_k.jpgMy lottery numbers.... by McGomez441, on Flickr


A class 252 on a Cartagena-Barcelona Talgo run past 58047 and 029 .

32608851827_146a4b0a7e_k.jpgMonforte 2 Inglesas y 1 Español by McGomez441, on Flickr


58024 at Km post 432,2.

47498545852_2cb3e9eca9_k.jpgKm 432,4 by McGomez441, on Flickr

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