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Hayfields turnout workbench

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7 hours ago, hayfield said:

One of the areas of track building many find challenging is building the common crossing, this is another variant which some may find a bit easier 




This is a P4 B6 turnout, I was watching a Youtuber make a start at building turnouts, what interested me is that he made the common crossing in situ rather than prefabricating it prior to the build




The one difference in the build sequence I made was to substitute temporally two plastic timbers for wooden ones, whilst I solder up the common crossing, simply plastic does not like heat, In future I may try it with plastic timbers as did the Youtuber.




A quick close up of the crossing area, I will post updates and how I fit the common crossings

John, I also build the common crossing in situ (copperclad timbers). I just find it easier that way.

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The wing rail chairs were left to set overnight




I then used my DD Wheelwrights block gauge and crossing alignment aid (also available in EM gauge) which makes soldering up the wing rail easy, though a standard wing rail gauge would do fine, but remember to support the crossing as the vee is not held/stuck in place




All soldered together, he copperclad strips will be trimmed to size once the turnout has been built




The second wing rail is in place with the chairs stuck down and setting, I will solder the second wing rail tomorrow.

The first switch rail is being fitted

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  • 3 weeks later...

I thought I would update my workbench with what's been happening during the forums absence. Before I go on a very big thankyou to Warners, Andy and all the others who have been busy sorting out the forum issues




I was initially asked to build a right hand turnout of a formation to P4 gauge, once tested I was then asked to complete the complex, the turnout was incorporated into the formation template and additional timbers were then added




The next main job was to build the 4 common crossings that were required




This is the latest photo I have updated, though now all but one of the switch rails have been built, but as there is no chair plan or even special chairs for 3 ways its a case of skiing off-piste a bit. 90% of the chair positions are straight forward, the remaining 10% have to be guessed. Without clear photographic evidence and the lack of plans and specialist chairs its a case of best guess/adaption of what's available


Still great to be back on line again


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