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Dapol Hst dcc hard wire.


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Hi Guys,


Im hoping for some help! I recently bought a Dapol hst off flea bay. Now the seller described it as not working when i had a look. The grey motor wire had disconected itself from the circuit board. The problem ive got is the seller seems to have tried to repair the problem! And made a mess. So ive stripped out the wiring and circuit board and im going to hard wire a Digitrax dz125. Now in regards to lighting do i use the blue wire along with the white and yellow? As i want to retain Dapols 3 pin lighting socket!


Any help would be very appreciated.


Regards Steve.

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If you use the blue wire as the common for the lights you'll need to add a resistor in series with the wire - those built into the Dapol model are set for using one of the track returns for the common. Using the blue wire effectivly doubles the Voltage applied to the LEDs. Not fitting a bigger resistor (start with 1k or 2k values) will result in very bright lights, if not a puff of magic smoke being released from the LEDs (been there, done that!).


If you don't use the blue then I think all you need to do is connect the common wire from the lighting connector to one of the track feeds.


Make sure that the two series resistors fitted to the motor are stil there - Dapol's supercreep motor isn't 12V rated and they're needed to reduce the Voltage to a suitable level.


Happy modelling.


Steven B.

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Hi Steven,

Thanks for the advice i was thinking of doing away with the resistors on the motor. Thinking that they were not needed. Glad i havent got rid now! Thanks again for your advice i feel alot more confident now about doing the work.


All the best Steve.

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