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Wagon works cranes


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I have built the Wagon works and a gantry crane over three tracks (may become four yet) but know that I will need another crane for the stock yard 


I am wondering if it would be a fixed leg Derrick crane or something like a Coles mobile crane ??


I have plenty of space for either or even both as seen in this general view as I was testing track before doing things like fixing down the crane and weathering the building.  The single siding may yet become two in the near future



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The Cowans Sheldon Handcrane (produced by Triang and Hornby) was quite common feature of C&W yards until the early 80's, have a look at http://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/cowanshandcrane

 and you will see lots of C&W repair locations.



Thanks Jon


But what I'm looking for non rail mounted cranes as used by private Wagon works not BR  although I've already got one of those rail cranes on my track laying crane

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Try searching for images of the private owner wagon works, that may throw up a useful image or two.

Some will have changed owner over the years.

Here are a few I can think of:-


Horbury,  -  Charles Roberts 

Langwith  Junction,  - WH Davis

York,  -  BREL,  and later Thrall

Stoke,  - Marcroft Engineering,  and now Axiom?



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There are quite a lot of wagon works photos in my collections, this search is crude but helpful http://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/?q=wagon%20work   http://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/?q=C%26W


Your crane appears unusually large, I think they were usually only over one track at smaller works. There are various ones - look at http://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/bartoncandw

 http://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/?q=wagon%20work - big but fixed. This moves http://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/marcroftsswansea/h52cb73d4#h52cb73d4   http://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/brbrakevan504/e6ff0442        http://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/shellhaven/ea0644c6


Hope of use



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Keep them coming chaps will get there soon so far the Derrick Crane seems to be more likely of Scrap yards than Wagon works The 4 wheel Coles is a go if I could find a model I can afford (£18.99 at present is too much for the Corgi trackside) as there is no way I could build one I'm not that brilliant (not got a 3d printer either)

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Well I sat the other night fiddling with some card and a side elevation of an Iron Fairy crane and with a few scribbles and other photo's I sussed out a set of simple drawings 

and with the Iron Fairy being quite an angular beastie 20131122_094859.jpg

This is the basic primer coated first fit the wheels being borrowed from a Matchbox truck just needing painting the hubs yellow the pivots need pins changing to small rods and obviously the cab needs some details yet but for first fit it looks right compared to the diagram which is obviously a plus point 

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