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London Road Models

Jol Wilkinson

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London Road Models have recently released  three new 4mm scale kits for early L&NWR carriages to compliment the early locos in their range, including the 2-2-2 Bloomer and Lady of the Lake. Produced with with the help of Meteor Models and John Dale of Old Originals, these kits are based on the 7mm Models in the Meteor range.


The kits are for 24' four wheeled carriages, a five compartment all third, a four compartment composite, and a three compartment brake third. These types of carriage were built by the LNWR in the 1850s at their carriage works at Saltley. Some were sold off to other railways, the best known example being the Bishops Castle Railway where they lasted until the 1930s.
 Although not yet listed on the LNWR website, http://www.scalefour.org/LondonRoadModels/  orders can be placed by mail from London Road Models, PO Box 643, Watford, Herts, WD24 5Z, through the contacts page of the website or through lrmenquiries@hotmail.co.uk  The three kits are priced at £ 30.00 each. plus P&P.





L&NWR 4 wheel composite

(photo courtesy Meteor Models)

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The prototype for these models have fascinated me for a long while. Do all the underframes come with brakes, or just on the brake van?


I don't know, I posted this information as a favour to the proprietor of LRM, John Redrup.


I suggest you contact him at  lrmenquiries@hotmail.co.uk



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What do I have to model to avoid "I see you have one of xyz's loco's/coach's/wagon's on your layout.....".


Although agreed, the LRM one is a First/Second Compo, mines a First/Second/Third Compo.


The two left hand compt's are 'Smoking' - or should that be Non-Smoking?


... and yes the 'A' on the solebar denotes it's braked.....


BTW, the LNW coaches of this period also went to the Golden Valley Line.


The etchings were by Henry Boucher, I believe - about 35 years ago.


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