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Northall Dock

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On request some pictures of some finished buildings for my Northall Dock diorama.

The diorama will be build in an IKEA APA-box.


I won't describe here the way I have build the buildings.

For that you can read my Northall blog in the blog part of the RMweb.


Here are some pictures of the eastern part of the diorama.








If you have any questions I will be pleased to answer them.

Hope you like the buildings.





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Excellent brickwork and pavement modelling in the second photo Job.  It shows your lovely work as usual, even if the overall scene in last photo makes me feel depressed!


Thanks for the complement.


But don't feel depressed. This is just an in between stage. The main building in the diorama will have a totally different appearance.

And I'm thinking of a nice finishing scene in front of the cottage.


The brickwork is a scaled down O scale texture from Clever Models embossed by me stone by stone.

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Very nice!  Can we see some more of the dock itself please; tanalizing glimpse just below man and his dog.  Great use of subtle colouring as usual, those edge slabs on the dock seem to have a real mass to them.

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