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Hello all,


I've been plodding along with this doing a little bit at a time, the ballasting is all finished and now requires weathering with an airbrush.

The scenery is almost complete to a basic level, the freight yard has had a concrete pad fitted (needs painting) and ballast pile, On the station side the platforms have had a coat of paint and some lamps fitted although i managed to knock half of them off when moving the layout, there is also a factory unit and some retaining walls in place,

I'm not going to do anything with the town section above the station other than paint it a flat grey, i had considered doing it but i would end up spending a fair bit of money that i can't really recoup when its sold.

Other than the outstanding scenic items to do i also need to install the point levers and connect them up, once that is done i will hopefully sell it on and gain some much needed space in the railway room.










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