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NBL Class 22 - Fred Phipps Models Gauge 1 kit...


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I've posted photos of this model before but thought I'd post a few fresh ones since the chap who bought it from me has managed to get it built properly.... nearly fifteen years after I started it! The blue looks too washed out in these overexposed photos but it's more like BR blue in the flesh... since taking these pics I've repainted the bogies / chassis area Humbrol dirty black and made a start on darkening the roof, will post some more pics when the weathering is finished. It weighs a ton by the way and the sound chp in it is very good, as are those lovely spoked wheels so typical of the class...

















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Cheers folks... Phil, I'll ask Rob (the model's new owner) about the sound chip... he did tell me when he brought it over a couple of weeks back but I've already forgotten! I can say that it sounds very good and frightens cats easily...!


Must say that since Rob finished building it and I've got my grubby mitts on it again, I'm seriously thinking about the larger scales once more. Having visited the large scale model railways shop near to Princers Risbourough Station a while back my eyes have opened as to what's available in Gauge 1 these days, and it would be nice to have a go at painting and weathering a Fred Phipps D800 Warship one day. All that aside, 7mm has a lot to offer in the diesel department too care of Heljan etc.

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