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If you're new to the forum this is an ideal place to introduce yourself.

Hi from Portugal


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Hi all.


My name is Luís, and I have been a modeller since the year 2000. Have been modelling Swiss, then American, the Swiss, then German, then Swiss, then American and then for last, Japanese (the only layout I can say that is 99% finished, eheh), always in N Scale.


I am from Lisbon, and I am 33 years old.


I am thinking about building a micro OO layout. 


Anyways, here is some photos of my small micro Japanese layout.


Best regards.








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Lovely little layout there, Luis. And welcome to RMweb!


I haven't been to Lisbon in years, a pretty city though. But We often holiday in the south of your country. Lovely people, lovely food, lovely wine. :)

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Hi Luis and welcome,


That's a lovely Japanese layout.

Thanks for the photos.


Have you been to Japan?

I ask as the buildings, road layout and landscape all look "just right" and definitely remind me of some of my visits there.


I've had a look at the thread, (that you link to above), and I think it might help if you gave just a little but more info about the intended scenario.

Is the layout going to be a station; a station and yard; a dock scene; a mill/factory scene; a shunting puzzle; et cetera?



Enjoy your stay here,


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Good morning.


My japanese N scale layout is really small: 100 x 60 cm. Loved working on it, and building it.


Please, check out the layout at: 


Never been to Japan, but reseached a lot. That is one thing I love about this hobby: I need to know other countries, without leaving my place. But I hope to visit some countries in a near future.


This layout is for sale, because I need the space for my OO Gauge test... ehehhe


Kev, I'll answer you on my thread about the layout, if you don't mind. Is that OK with you?


PS: I am sorry if my English isn't correct sometimes...

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