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Garnant Rise... planning


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Alright, for the best part of a decade I've wished to rebuild my model railway after moving house in my early teens. I've always had an affinity for the GWR, and was especially taken by the Welsh preservation scene.


The aim is to create a layout based on several lines in Carmarthenshire.

1. Garnant Station (hence the fictional name Garnant Rise)

2. Abergwili - Fairfax branch, with a focus on Dryslwyn Station.

3. Gwili Railway (for preservation theme)


Due to problems of storage/moving, the aim is to build it on modular baseboards for ease of transportation when I move and storage (possibly a stackable system to go in a Transit.)

I've never got my head round DCC so the aim is instead to run it off a normal system.


Crucially key points/object is:

1. Represent a contemporary preserved railway

2. Quasi-fictional setting

3. High emphasis on scratch built scenery.

4. Reuse of current rolling stock/locomotives (subject to servicing)

5. All (non-railway) buildings are to be copied from current examples in the area (i.e. most likely full scratchbuilt)

6. Single track branch, with loop and fiddle yard running to a model of Garnant station (ideally in mid-40s) which will act as terminus.

7. Small station at Dryslwyn.


Aim is to build 6 foot lengths of board 6 foot in width which will bolt together.


Timeframe: 2013-2016

I.e. take it slowly and carefully build it up, with an eye on cost and accurate representation of ground and scene.


Scale: 00


Fairly simple really...


Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.

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I was being polite.


I would hate to think that the lack of response by anyone else had discouraged him.  He did suggest a timeframe of 2013 - 2016.

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