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Bemo HOm Wheel Flanges with Code 70 Track Question


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Hello All


New to the forum and have a question about Bemo HOm equipmentand also hoping I have this posted in a relevant category.


Does anyone know if there are any issues with Bemo HOm wheel flange depth when transitioning from their HOm code 100 track to their HOm code 70 track....for example wheel flanges hitting the tops of the wood tie/sleeper details or bumping over turnout's frogs or other molded track details.


Locomotives and cars appear to be modern equipment within the last 10 years maybe....best guess. Pics attached for reference.


I've not been able to find the answer to this question anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, MBRX



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I think you may be risking a bump on the chairs with the standard flanges.


Looking at the BEMO stock which I have had in my possession (and this also applies to any stock by STL or D+R Modellbahn), the flange depth is fairly coarse (though not as coarse as seen on Roco HO stock). You might - just might - get away with it on Code 75, but I think you will get "bumps" on Code 70.

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