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'Upgrading' a Lima 37


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Hi all,


I have an old Lima 37 that is, as you will already have guessed, a truley aweful runner. I don't want to get rid of it for sentamental reasons. So The next best thing is to completley re-new and do the whole lot up. First I will upgrade the motor/running side of things. Then I will upgrade the body, etched grills, weathering etc.


Anyway, what is the best way for me to upgrade the motor? I've been told about an Australian firm that creates some sort of motor that run like a dream and are great for the Lima stuff?


I'm not realy sure what I'm looking for here so any help/advice is very much appreciated.





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I would look at another current thread on remotoring - http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/78418-susmotor-lima-remotoring/

I think that the Australian firm you refer to is Modeltorque, but according to a post on the other thread, the owner has passed away.  Another alternative is the ebay link in the other thread, or Diesel Trains:  http://www.diesel-trains.co.uk/

Note that I have never used the services of the ebay seller or Diesel Trains, so this is a suggestion, not a recommendation.  I am planning to do some Lima remotoring myself, using ex CD spindle drive motors.

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sometimes the magnet goes the lima and they have a weak field

another source for a solution would be the Hornby railroad chassis

for a class 37. this will fit on the lima shell

**the whole chassis of the Hornby unit has to be used**

perhaps to help fund the purchase of a chassis you could sell the old chassis

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