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Bachmann class 37 light problem


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Good morning. I have just fitted a bass reflex speaker in the tanks of a Bachmann class 37. This requires the removal of the in fuel tank light switches and wiring. The last time I did one of these I made the following alterations to the wiring to obtain correct light operation.


On the Bachmann pcb...

Added Jumper leads between tags  1 and 2  (Tail lights no 2 end)

                                                        3 and 4   (tail lights no 1 end)

                                                        5 and 6   (cab lights)


Now then this time, I have the headlights on at no 1 end, and the tails at no 2, and nothing else. They stay on regardless of direction. Obviously this one is wired differently, but I don't really know what to change. Has anyone any ideas?

I should also add the chip is a Zimo MX664D sound chip.


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