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OO gauge Hornby Dublo R1 Loco

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Hi all


Hope you are all well.  I recently bought a Hornby Dublo R1 0-6-0 loco off Ebay for a very reasonable price, the loco has been painted in Br black with early crest and looks very nice.  I tested the loco and it would not run although I could see it wanted to go.  I have taken it apart and the two screws that fix the motor to the chassis are missing, leaving the motor able to move around. 

Does anyone know the measurements/dimensions and the type of screws needed so I can hunt around for replacements?


Many thanks in advance


All the best



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8 B.A. cheesehead IIRC - I'll check the length. You can borrow one of the two* screws that hold the paxolin brush carrier panel in place as a temporary measure. Fit it in the hole nearer to the gear, making sure the other holes are in alignment.


*Make sure the screws are tight, as they have to work harder than normally and ensure they don't touch the armature. The ones that hold the motor together are the same thread as the motor securing screws but, though shorter, are long enough.


Service sheets here   http://mtrains.co.uk/




5/16" long (thread length) and appear to be brass. The original screws can probably be obtained from the above site.


(Heretically, Tri-ang screws would probably fit.)

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The bodies are still available




Some parts here:




An etched chassis is/was available with the correct wheelbase. - for some unknown reason, Dublo made a completely new chassis, but compromised it to reuse the N2 coupling rods.

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