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Blog- Up the Line - 1918 - The Fer-Kina Mystery

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I am afraid not much has happened in the last few days in a material sense but lots of research and musings have. Now one of these (and this is a thinly disguised appeal for help!) concerns an advert in a picture for a product called Fer-Kina. As is so often the case, the answer to at least some of my inspiration problems lay rather closer to hand than I expected. As part of my continual, and usually failing, battle to keep the place tidy I decided I had to make some space on the book shelf in the office (i.e.2nd reception room in estate agent speak), only to find a long forgotten Taschen photography book on Atget's Paris - a pioneering social photographer working bang on my time frame. I know I have to be careful as this is Paris not the rural backwater I am modeling but I am guessing that at least some of it would have filtered down. Anyway, in two pictures lavishly adorned with adverts and bills there is one for what is obviously a drink called Fer-Kina. When it comes to drinks I am afraid I have a rather in depth knowledge and this is one I had never heard of. Just to deepen the mystery, I could find no reference at all to it on Google. It will have been a Quinine based aperitif rather like a vermouth but other than this it appears to have disappeared from (digital) history completely. So - the point of all of this is that I think it should be imortalised on the end of my building but a clue to the colours and the left hand part of the slogan would be very helpful.


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