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Help needed to decipher wiring - please


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The attached photos are the underside of a DCC layout I purchased 'as seen' from the club sales stall at an exhibition in 2013 - now I admit to being absolutely useless in respect to wiring and this is my first brush with DCC ... I thought I understood this wiring till I attempted to 'juice' it up using a Bachmann basic DCC controller and can't think where I'm supposed to connect the output from the controller   :scratchhead:   The only connector seems to be the two green wires but that is positioned close to a label 'Points 15v AC' that confussles me even more as the point motors are H&M with push-to-make switches :scratchhead:


I should make it clear that the black jumper cable is labelled DCC and that a third baseboard (which would have been fed by the two unused jumpers at extreme left) wasn't included in the purchase but that shouldn't effect operation of the two remaining boards.


Left end (showing superfluous jumper cables)


centre of layout with two cables joining the two boards


Close up of extreme left end showing 'push-to-make' point switches


Close-up showing green cabled connector ... is this for points or track supply ... or both/neither?




Any help will be gratefully received - thanks in anticipation.

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I regret that the photos are actually more confusing than helpful. I would use any droppers from the rails as trace leads using a multimeter on 'buzz if no resistance' to trace each pair of droppers to each rail. I suppose that the rails are connected to a bus wire that runs round the whole layout. These two bus wires are connected to the command station.


If the points are also connected to track power, your Bachmann EZ controller is not suitable. What all the other wires do is a mystery but it is entirely possible that the points are operated on a  separate bus which is 15/16volts AC

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