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Simple DC turntable 180 degree automation - how ?


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Hi guys


Is there a simple way using DC to automate something like a Peco turntable to rotate and index itself 180 degrees


I have an idea for a plan that would involve a turntable in a hidden area


By googling I think I can get something to detect when the loco is on the turntable but would the. Like to be able to press a button or throw a switch and have the turntable rotate exactly 180 degrees


I wouldn't even know where to start

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There are already two other current threads in the forum about automating turntables.




I suspect between them they cover the whole topic pretty thoroughly. You should be easily able to drop the DCC stuff and replace it with some other system if you wish.



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The following is a circuit I have come up with for 180 degree automation using a pair of latching DPDT relays, a pair of microswitches and suitable contacts rotating from the turntable spindle (bolts on pipe clamps).


The first latching relay merely gives 12v to one of two outputs which then pass through the microwswitches and from their passes through the other latching relay which reverses the polarity.


The inputs labelled LS150 are for dcc using a rectified output from a point module but could easilly be dc. In operation what should happen I hope is that turntable turns through 180 degrees when the button is pressed and then stops until the button is pressed again when the turntable turns back in the opposite direction 180 degrees.



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