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Blog- N-Gauge LMS Layout - Basic Improvements to Fowler Tenders (Stage 3) part B

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Well after the week from hell, things have started to settle down to what claims to be normality, well my version of it anyway.


Anyway I had a few spare minutes so I thought I would review the 4F fleet, and see how successful the "cheat" conversion has been, and I must say I am quite happy with the results, that is until I change my mind and go down the scale tender/kit route.


I still have to add vacuum pipes and coupling hooks to each of the loco's and a few need crews adding to the cabs, I will leave the "left hand/right hand" drive debate to others to discuss :)


Anyway here are a few pictures I've finally managed to load...












The eagle eyed will spot the "evil BR liveried example, waiting to hit the paint shops and come out in LMS livery, you can also see my attempts to turn these into typical work day condition (I may need to review the weathering on these, as I think a couple need more work).


You can also see that I have tried to model the tenders with various levels of coal, and water vents in the correct place (made from panel pins which I found were almost the perfect size).










Sorry about the picture quality perhaps Santa will bring me a nice camera for Christmas, you will have to let me know what you think on this conversion process, before I start on the Compounds and Crabs.


Well time to go, so until the next time Happy Modelling :)


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