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Cabs for Falcon?

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Would anyone be able to produce the required files for detailed cabs for Falcon, in 7mm, 1:43.5 scale, please?

I would expect to pay for anyone's time.


I have a full set of scaled drawings courtesy of Brush themselves, in A3 format, which can either be attached to an e-mail, or copied and posted to anyone who would be able to help me.


Thanks for reading, and for any replies.


PS: I'm in contact with some people via the Shapeways website, but I don't think they understand the complexity of the cabs, and the need to get it spot on.


PPS: I'm at present unsure as to whether to have them done as a shell, or as four parts so as to be able to use them to master for resin casting. Any advice gladly received, thanks.


Here is a link to a page of photos. Careful inspection shows that HJ didn't get their 4mm version spot on.......



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Hi JeffP,


As stated before the group was set up with the intention of help for people starting out in 3D RP and modelling. Part of the fun of this is the learning process thats gone through to get to the point of creating 'ones' first printed 3D model. You just have to look at WBF, bmthtrains - David, Atso, Rabs and others to see what can be achieved with little or no experience (although some do have exp)


Consider having a go as you will find many helpful inputs here and you can then get the fidelity you require :)




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