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My family had been admiring those cute light up village Christmas decorations in a local garden centre that cost more than I'd care to pay :nono: . It occured to me that in my loft I had a collection of old Kibri or Faller buildings from my childhood model trainset as well as an assortment of scenic bits and bobs that hadn't been used for years.  


So to cut a long story short I got some woodland scenics "soft flake snow" and some scenic cement (I'll need that for my layout building anyway so I could justify the additional expense). Street lights were originally my Dad's and have a grain of wheat bulb in the base.  A few grain of wheat bulbs for the buildings and with a little help from my two children on a piece of old laminate floorboard we came up with this.






The windmill doesn't actually rotate as fast as it appears :jester:


The weather vane on the Chapel wasn't fixed in place when i took the pictures hence the rather drunken angle.


Anyone else done anything similar?



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I like these little scenes and every year I plan to do one but forget about it until the following year. This year I got as far as putting a battery Christmas train set around a porcelain church with an electric tea light inside and some skating figures outside. Your scene has encouraged me to make a bit more of an effort next year, though I'm not holding my breath..........





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Hi Adrian, very atmospheric.


I have always had this urge to build a quaint model railway running through a Thomas Kinkade painting and all those cosy little lamp lit cottages - presumably in 00 scale - that you mentioned seeing in garden centers, would be absolutely ideal.






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