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46249 City of Sheffield Coaches


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First post here so apologies if I have posted in the wrong place.


I am trying to find out what types of coaches would be hauled by 46249 City of Sheffield.  I have the DCC sound Hornby loco but no coach stock so could do with some pointers please.  I have looked at BR Steam late crest 1957-1966 which I believe is the appropriate era but I have no idea of liveries or formations so any guidance would be much appreciated.





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Basically I think you need BR maroon coaching stock post 1957, albeit some of the blood and custard would have lingered on as all the coaches couldn't be repainted overnight. The best plan IMO is to seek old books / videos with colour photos of the period.


Coach types would be mostly BR Mark 1 i think, but ex-LMS coaches (Stanier) would also be appropriate, and both could be mixed in a train. A guards vehicle (full brake or brake/second) is needed, and a restaurant car or buffet car could be included. Again, videos might help to illustrate some train formations.


We used to see these locos at Preston in the 1960s, taking very long trains of parcels vehicles, and sometimes making an enormous racket as they slipped on starting: so various sorts of parcels stock might be towed by a pacific late in its life

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