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If you're new to the forum this is an ideal place to introduce yourself.

Hello from Hull


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I've always been fascinated with trains going back to being a small boy, the Deltic's did it for me then and the Class 66's have something about them that I like too.

I've only really modelled railways once, which didn't really go anywhere, when my 2 sons were about 5 years old.


I have at my disposal a 10ft x 10ft spare bedroom and this is going to be where it happens.


I prefer diesel traction, so therefore my era will be modern day, with a TMD and plenty of sidings for EWS HTA's and the likes.

The new Drax hopper wagons were at Hull docks a couple of weeks ago, they are really something, I wonder if Bachmann or Hornby will develop a scale model of these in the future?


I haven't actually started yet, need to work out a layout that will maximise the space available and with what I want on it.

Thinking of using Peco track and going DCC.


I need to trawl through the threads on here for some valuable advise and knowhow.


Thanks everybody and look forward to getting to know a few of you in time.



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Hello Ian and welcome,


Yes, 'trawl through the threads here' and don't be afraid to ask questions - in the right places though! (But you'll know where to ask by then!)



Good luck,


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