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Blog- Up the Line - 1918 - Milling machine repairs

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I have just spent the last two days in cellar - actually that is not quite correct - the cellar and the tip! Having finally realised that leaving it eight years to unpack boxes after moving is a bit long I got down to it. Well, as I was in the cellar (which along with the junk houses my little workshop), I also got around to (hopefully!), fixing my little milling machine. As I have only had the part two months this is pretty good going. Problem with it was the chucks (two different ones), just would not stay on the morse taper shaft. Although the shaft and chucks seemed OK i thought I could see some little ridge marks on the shaft and on finding that a replacement was only £10 though I had little to loose. Pretty straight forward to swap and seems to have done the job on a little test piece. Good job as have a little bit of work for it to do soon.

A happy milling machine!



When I finally do get the cellar cleared I can start to look at getting it a bit more habitable. Is pretty dry already but walls all flakey and ceiling a bit of a mess so I imagine a lot of 2x1and 8x4 plaster board (actually don't think these would fit down the steps!), will be involved. And when this is all done I can make a start on recreating the Glyn Valley Tramway down there - but don't hold your breath!


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