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Blog- N-Gauge LMS Layout - What's slower my Layout Building or my Recovery?

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Well I think I have found something slower than my layout building, and that is my recovery from my recent spell in Hospital, though some who now me claim I'm ever slower witted.


Anyway in a moment of boredom I decided to pose some of my new acquisitions on the layout (I am still and Ebay god lol :) ) just so I can work out some of the trains to fill the storage yard.




Yet another coal train heads through the station, in the able hands of one of the dependable 4F's





Having arrived with a local freight the engine gets down to some shunting (now where did that blue box come from)





"Ideal Coke" gets another delivery, we must be expecting a cold spell considering the levels of coal already in stock.





Not a passenger in sight as a local squeals to a stop, not even a Spotter to record the passage of an old stager.




Having completed it shunting and re-formed its train, the goods head off down the branch (those loads have not been sheeted properly someone will be in trouble).




With no new customers the local wheezes its way from the station and on to its next stop.


Well I must get some down to some serious work, so until the next time Happy Modelling :)


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